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In 2013 the RWTH Aachen University established the profile area Computational Science and Engineering to enable scientist of the fields of mathematics, computer sciences, structural mechanics as well as fluid mechanics an medical science to work together more closely. The long-term goal of the profile area are great developements definied by the interaction of the mentioned fundamental research areas. The project is aimed to elaborate in theory as well as applications in relevant areas material science, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and medical science.

Computational Science and Engineering combines the expertise of RWTH Aachen University at the interface of engineering sciences, mathematics and information technology. The goal is to intensify and advance product and process developement using an integrated approach involving mathematical modeling and simulation.

The image film of the profile area of the RWTH Aachen University was developed in cooperation with the Rectorate, the steering commitee and the involved chairs and is now available to watch online



The structure of the profile area is defined by the staffing structure, the participating institutes and the classification in the university.

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The relevant subjects for the profile area such as Theory, Tools, Simulation as well as Pre- and Post-Processing are discussed here.

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In harmony with theory and experiment, simulation technology forms an substantial pillar to support science and economy in all three aspects of fundamental research to applied research and technological development.

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Current announcements and new information will be published immediately on the homepage of the profile area.

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Current events and events will be announced and advertised early on the homepage of the profile area.

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