Bachelor CES

Picture of a simulation Copyright: CompSE RWTH

CES is a course of study offered in the RWTH Aachen University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, one of the leading technical universities in Europe.

More and more often, technical problems are solved with the help of powerful computers. The reasons for this are the higher economic efficiency, which is justified by the low use of prototypes, and the more extensive scientific knowledge that can be obtained in a shorter time as a result. This development is hampered in particular by the lack of qualified personnel to operate more powerful computers for simulations of complex systems.

The Computational Engineering course is designed to provide engineers with the ability to perform and evaluate simulations on such computers. They also have the scientific, engineering and mathematical foundations to analyze results and detect errors in the simulation algorithm or mathematical model. In addition, CES engineers are trained to select, adapt and re-program simulation software for specific problems. These skills are necessary to meet the major scientific and technological challenges of the future.

The CES course of study was established in 2002 and is interdisciplinary, since the knowledge imparted can be attributed to the fields of engineering, materials science, natural sciences as well as informatics and mathematics. In each of these areas, different institutes provide courses and offer students the opportunity to work in industry and research projects.