Existing Subjects

To elaborate the subjects relevant for scientific excellency of the profile area a fundamental structure was acquired. The insights gained from this depiction were the basis for the scientific structure of the profile area encompassing the five main units Theory, Tools, Pre-processing, Simulation and Post-processing.

The unit Theory summarizes fundamental work on numerics and modeling, the unit Tools contains acitivities regarding nurmerical methods, the unit Pre-processing contains operations for preparing of the scientific problem, the unit Simulation connects numerical algorithms with the hardware and the unit post-processing deals with the processing of the data regarding the scientific insights.

  • Connection of classical science with computerbased science
  • Computer becomes a learning object by the defined topics
  • Continuous work with younger talents leads to a nucleus for simulation sciences at RWTH Aachen University

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Future subjects

The analysis of the scientific status quo enabled the identification of four topics which are in close connection with the structure and are to be worked on contemporaryly.

The constructive examination of the contents shows that promising approaches are achieved through a convincing interface definition between the defined structural areas and these topics. The discussion of the respective topic areas is based on an initial definition of the term that characterizes the topic area. This abstract description is then substantiated by a presentation of examples before the connection with the existing research activities of the RWTH is explained. The topicality of the examples and the preparatory work of the RWTH will be used to define future research fields.

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